The Hosts

Matt Baker
  • DOB 7/21/1984
  • 5’10” 3/4
  • 175 lbs (pre-COVID)
  • athletic peak came at age nine, when he scored seven points and grabbed four rebounds in a basketball game against New York Giants Dave Meggett and Rodney Hampton
  • father of two elementary school aged boys and husband to very patient wife Jill
  • teaches physical education in Massachusetts
Darryl Clark
  • DOB before recorded time
  • 6’4″ in socks
  • 219 lbs and holding
  • blood type: Celtic green
  • bad field, no hit
  • saw Ted Williams’ last home run and the Boston Patriots play in Fenway park
  • Pumpsie Green references: six
  • proud father of three and grandfather of eight
  • blissfully retired from teaching
Joe Capraro
  • DOB 3/26/1971
  • 5’11” 1/2 and still stretching for 6′
  • 225 lbs (pre-COVID), currently ???
  • undrafted
  • signed 80 one-week contracts
  • writes about TV and movies at
  • once played pickup basketball with Bill Walton backstage at a Grateful Dead show, did not fare as well as Matt did against the Giants
  • still somehow trying to make Darryl appreciate auto racing
  • is sorry for interrupting Matt so much but still refuses to stop